In 2189, Earth narrowly won a war against extraterrestrials, but at a tremendous price. Two years later, in a distant patch of space, a mysterious explosion kills nearly the entire crew of the science vessel Starship Iris. The only survivor is Violet Liu, an intrepid, sarcastic, terrified biologist. But as Violet struggles to readjust to life after the Iris, questions abound. Was that explosion really an accident? If not, just what is going on? And why does every answer seem to get more bizarre and more dangerous? If Violet and her newfound allies want to untangle the truth, they'll need courage, brilliance, and luck - and honestly, a couple of drinks.

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Episode 1: Violet Liu (release: 9th Jan, 2017)

Biologist Violet Liu is floating through space, trapped in a doomed research ship. She's the sole survivor of a devastating explosion, and frankly, her odds aren't looking great, either. But when she is contacted by the charming - and woefully inexperienced - Captain Kay Grisham, Violet learns she might have one last shot at making it out alive.

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Episode 2: Checkpoint Osiris (release: 24th Feb, 2017)

Our story resumes six days later, when Violet Liu wakes up in an unknown ship. Featuring new places, new faces, and a couple of all-too-familiar voices. (Also, danger. Canít leave out the danger.)

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Episode 3: In the Deep (release: 14th Mar, 2017)

One mystery is solved, several more arise. Also: you know those legends you've heard about the unimaginable creatures lurking in the farthest reaches of space? Those are surely nonsense, right? I mean: SURELY.

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Played by: Cindy Chu



Played by: Ishani Kanetkar



Played by: Apollo



Played by: Ella



Played by: Jamie Price



Played by: James Oliva



Played by: Rukhmani Desai



Played by: Brittony LeFever



Played by: Sean Rohani



Played by: Cedric Reeve



Played by: Sam Lamont



Played by: Jackie Andrews


Production team

Written and directed by JESSICA BEST
Sound effects by HANNAH CROSS
Sound engineering by ERIN S
Latin help from ELENCHUS
Logo design by ALEX YUN
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This episode was funded from a couple of gifts my grandma gave me over various special occasions. Thanks, Grandma! I love you. Thanks also to everyone who's supported this project over the past year: my family, my Chicago-based friends who came to the first table reads & asked for more, my more geographically distant friends for your invaluable support and sometimes science knowledge, and the kind people of the internet. And thanks, of course, to the incomparable raccoonstronauts of Procyon Podcast Network.