A handful of fading memories, the remains of a research project, and a garbled tape recorder are all Dr Miranda Quan has to her name when her research partner goes missing on the eve of a 10-week ocean expedition. Now, she must try to find closure in the midst of a rapidly-unraveling conspiracy, surrounded by a handful of unlikely allies, several likely threats, and the icy waters of the North Pacific. Something sinister lurks in the heart of the research ship Astrid, and Miranda must rely on her wits to piece together an answer.

Station to Station is an scifi-horror audio drama about loss, memory, morality, and what gets left behind.


Played by: Emily Wang and Jo Chiang

A biochemist who is very enthusiastic about her job. Kinda awkward, kinda genius, with a certain tendency to ramble. Tends to hyper-focus and obsess over problems she needs to solve, often puts others before herself out of habit. Having recently found her research partner and close friend missing, she is a little frantic, a little scared, and driven by sheer willpower to solve the puzzle.



Played by: Nadine El Amami

Nelly is the type of person who never has trouble finding someone to talk to at parties. She’s curious to the point of nosy and a little too aware of her own quick wit, but also warm, open-hearted and loving. This is her first research cruise, and she’s determined to take in everything she can. Bi as heck.



Played by: Laura Guzman

A divorced, ex-Christian, ex-smoker, Reva is a no-nonsense woman who is very rational, down-to-earth and argumentative. She is tough and not easy to fool, but cares fiercely for the people around her. Her dry sense of humour might fly under the radar if you’re not looking for it.



Played by: Hunter Grin

Miranda’s best friend. Used to be a nice kid, but got himself into some hot water a short while ago, and as a result now constantly skitterish and on the verge of breakdown. Loved his job, but kind of always thought he was meant for something more, and took a leap of faith with a large research corporation. Has a lot of regrets. Disappeared before the series starts, leaving nothing but a tape recorder and a few notebooks.



Played by: Zach Libresco

A microbiologist. Works in the lab next to Miranda, overall a nice guy. Mostly



Played by: Kristen Dimercurio

Three things people can agree about Simmons is that she is a scientist (maybe), an ally (potentially), and a human disaster (most definitely).

Episode 1: Standard Operating Procedure (release: 22nd Aug, 2017)

Written by Alex Yun

A missing lab partner, a tape recorder, and a ship at sea. The SS Astrid departs.

Listen to "Ep. 1 - Standard Operating Procedure" on Spreaker.


Episode 2: Workplace Wellbeing

Written by Alex Yun

A storm moves in, notes are reviewed, and Jonathan Costello speaks

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Episode 3: Analysis Paralysis

Written by Andrea Klassen

"ANALYSIS PARALYSIS" — 1. The state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken 2. The thin thread between fear and validation at the event horizon of finding answers.

Also: a map, a corridor, a memory. Miranda goes exploring.
Written by Andrea Klassen

Warning: this episode contain brief sounds of vomiting. Please proceed with caution if necessary.
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Episode 4: Attention Metrics

Written by Andrea Klassen

“ATTENTION METRICS”— 1. Criteria used to assess audience engagement with content beyond page views and visits. 2. The feeling of eyes on your back as you try to work out whether you’ve really blown your cover.

Also: a theft, a potential lead and a fresh perspective
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Episode 5: Organisational Memory

Written by Andrea Klassen

“ORGANISATIONAL MEMORY" — 1. The accumulated body of data, information and knowledge created in the course of an individual organization's existence. 2. The accumulated body of instinct, knowledge and stress created through the course of an extremely high-stakes improvisation.

Also: a cry of hope, a longing for cigarettes, and new acquaintances.

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Episode 6: Legacy Systems

Written by Alex Yun

“LEGACY SYSTEMS” - 1 Outdated computer systems, programming languages or application software that are used instead of available upgraded versions. 2. The mix of panic, fear and dull shock as a something slips away from you as you try - but are unable - to grasp it

Also: One experiment, two break-ins, three answers
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Episode 7: Alternative Resources

Written by Andrea Klassen

ALTERNATIVE RESOURCES" 1. One of two or more available replacements for energy, manpower or other assets drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively. 2. Plan B.

Also: several confrontations, an attempt at damage control and things left behind.

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Episode 8: Root Cause Analysis

Written by Alex Yun

“ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS” - 1. Structured method used to analyze the cause of a nonconformance to indicate what needs to be permanently eliminated. 2. Confrontation.

Also: Two conversations, six answers, and the point of no return.

Warning: This episodes contains depictions of violence

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Episode 9: Exit Opportunities

Written by Andrea Klassen

"EXIT OPPORTUNITIES" - 1. Circumstances under which an entrepreneur, business owner or investor may dispose of tangible business assets, ideally to make a substantial profit. 2. Last resorts.

Also: Mechanical difficulties, a deal in darkness and a paper boat.

Warning: This episodes contains depictions of violence

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Episode 10: The Cost of Doing Business

Written by Alex Yun
"THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS" - 1. Any and all expenses incurred in the course of the production and sale of goods or services. 2. Onwards.

Also: A long walk, an old friend and the other end of the line.

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