When Dr Miranda Quan embarks on an 10-week research cruise in the Pacific Ocean, she expects two months of no-nonsense experiments, bad Titanic jokes and marathoning Grey’s Anatomy. Instead, her lab partner has vanished, leaving nothing but a notebook full of illogical ramblings, a voice recorder, and a half-finished maths problem she has to solve. With a storm moving in and something sinister lurking below decks, Miranda must untangle the conspiracy surrounding her or be consumed.

Coming summer 2017.


A biochemist who is very enthusiastic about her job. Kinda awkward, kinda genius, with a certain tendency to ramble. Tends to hyper-focus and obsess over problems she needs to solve, often puts others before herself out of habit. Having recently found her research partner and close friend missing, she is a little frantic, a little scared, and driven by sheer willpower to solve the puzzle.



Nelly is the type of person who never has trouble finding someone to talk to at parties. She’s curious to the point of nosy and a little too aware of her own quick wit, but also warm, open-hearted and loving. This is her first research cruise, and she’s determined to take in everything she can. Bi as heck.



A divorced, ex-Christian, ex-smoker, Reva is a no-nonsense woman who is very rational, down-to-earth and argumentative. She is tough and not easy to fool, but cares fiercely for the people around her. Her dry sense of humour might fly under the radar if you’re not looking for it.



Miranda’s best friend. Used to be a nice kid, but got himself into some hot water a short while ago, and as a result now constantly skitterish and on the verge of breakdown. Loved his job, but kind of always thought he was meant for something more, and took a leap of faith with a large research corporation. Has a lot of regrets. Disappeared before the series starts, leaving nothing but a tape recorder and a few notebooks.


Episode 1: Standard Operating Procedure (release: 22nd Aug, 2017)

A missing lab partner, a tape recorder and a ship at sea. The SS Astrid departs.

Listen to "Ep. 1 - Standard Operating Procedure" on Spreaker.

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Written and produced with ANDREA KLASSEN
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