A handful of fading memories, the remains of a research project and a garbled tape recording are all Dr. Miranda Quan has to her name after her research partner goes missing on the eve of a 10-week ocean expedition. Now, she must try to find closure in the midst of a rapidly-unraveling conspiracy while surrounded by a handful of unlikely allies, several likely threats, and the icy waters of the North Pacific.

Station to Station is a serialized sci fi-horror audio drama about loss, memory, morality, and what gets left behind. Its first 10-episode season was released by the Procyon Podcast Network in the fall/winter of 2017. The show will return for its second season in August 2018.

With a trio of actresses of colour at its heart and ongoing queer storylines, Station to Station continues the Procyon Network's mandate to create exciting genre adventures featuring characters who are under-represented in mainstream media.

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Web: ProcyonPodcasts.com/station-to-station
Email: [email protected]



Listen to episodes at procyonpodcasts.com, or at spreaker.com/show/station2station. The show is also available on Apple Podcasts, Radio and other podcasting platforms. Episode transcripts are available at procyonpodcasts.com/station-to-station/transcripts.



Season two will return in August of 2018. Episodes are released every other week on Tuesdays.

Twitter: @S2SPodcast
Tumblr: S2S-podcast.tumblr.com


Station to Station was created by Alex Yun and is co-written, produced and directed by Yun and Andrea Klassen.
Sound engineering by Erin S.

Miranda Quan is voiced by Emily Wang and Jo Chiang
Nelly Cochrane is voiced by Nadine El Amami
Reva Santiago is voiced by Laura Guzman

Also featuring the vocal talents of Kristen DiMercurio (Jackie Simmons), Zach Libresco (Sebastian Fredricksen), Hunter Grin (Jonathan Costello) and Gary Cook (Geoff Howard).

Opening theme by Samantha Jean Rivers
Cover art by Alex Yun

The Procyon Podcast Network was created in the fall of 2016, when a group of audio drama enthusiasts came together on social media to discuss the kind of audio dramas they wished they were hearing. Together, the creative teams behind Station to Station, The Strange Case of Starship Iris and Under Pressure raised more than $5,000 on Kickstarter to greenlight the first seasons of their shows, with a promise of stories featuring strong roles for women, people of colour and the LGBT+ community.

Inspiration for Station to Station came to Alex Yun after hearing an ocean-researcher friend describe her annual scientific voyages. Seeing an enclosed, isolated research vessel as the ideal space for either comedy or terror, Yun began to develop the idea of a ship with a strange something hidden below deck.

Through the power of the internet, Yun, who is based in Hong Kong, teamed up with Canadian co-writer Andrea Klassen. Our full cast and crew span five countries, three continents and six time zones.

"This is a slow-burning story that builds tension at a pace that becomes excruciating, like what all the characters are experiencing, until it tumbles off the edge of the cliff at the first season's end."
--Elena Fernandez-Collins, Bello Collective

"Station to Station has become one of my favorite new audio dramas. It's a show I plan on using if I need an example for how to have immersive production that isn't distracting... I already feel like I had more good things to say about this show than many others that have been running for years."
--Wil Williams Reviews

"A tightly written mystery that has its own momentum from the very start. Consistently great voice talent keeps it gripping - there is usually a weak link in an ensemble, but that is not true of S2S."
--Saellys, Apple Podcasts reviews

Supplementary Recording No. 1 - Miranda Quan

4 min. Ahead of our first season, we released a series of shorter mini-episodes laying the groundwork for what was to come. Here, Miranda receives a series of strange phone messages.

Listen to "Supplementary Recording No. 1 - Miranda Quan (Teaser #1)" on Spreaker.

Standard Operating Procedure

Pilot episode. 27 min.
A missing lab partner, a tape recorder and a ship at sea. The SS Astrid departs.

Listen to "Ep. 1 - Standard Operating Procedure" on Spreaker.