In the wake of personal tragedy, Dr Jamie MacMillan-Barrie forgoes a future in academia is favor of an uncertain future in the form of an humanities residency aboard the Amphitrite, a deep-sea stationary research facility. On the Amphitrite, Dr MacMillan-Barrie tries to come to terms with her circumstance while facing her antipathetic hard-sciences colleagues, an unending series of minor crises both the personal and professional realm, and an increasingly hostile ocean above.


Played by: Madison Schaeffer

Jamie MacMillan-Barrie is a late twenties/early thirties Jewish literature doctor with an interest in the macabre. Originally hailing from the Northeast, she left academia for a change in scenery following a life-altering loss. She’s not a very good writer, but loves to read, and has a good sense of humor. On board, she’s the resident philosopher (though she has a general antipathy towards the discipline).



Played by: Thea Rodgers

Mona Ramirez is a doctor in Marine Biology in her early to mid twenties who specializes in the little stuff. The children of Cuban immigrants, Mona grew up in Southern California with her father, and went to school in the Northeast. She’s been on the Amphitrite for three months and has loved every second of it.


JACK (of all trades) VERNON

Played by: Zach Valenti

Jack is an unconscionable asshole. He’s in his mid twenties, was born and raised in Australia, and was a mechanic for a Royal Australian Navy sub before punting out. He was picked up by the company that runs the station, by way of Phaedra, and now he maintains the station (electrical, heating, plumbing, any problems easily solvable on the outside) for two year stints. Jack probably owns a trilby, and definitely has an active reddit account.



Played by: Danielle Shemaiah

Aspros is the Captain of the station, a cross between stage manager and fort operator. She’s in her 40s, and retired from the navy when she and her husband fell in love with another woman before DADT was repealed, though she still very much feels the call of the sea.



Played by: Georie Taylor

Sidney Petersen is a mid twenties medical prodigy. They’re originally from the middle of North America and went to University several years early. They are studying high pressure systems on the people who live in and visit the station on a grant from NASA. Phoebe describes them as NB Tony Stark but medicine and more of an asshole. Another description is “the NASA twat.” Neither description is wrong.



Played by: Peter Coleman

Peter Coleman is a life-long New Yorker. He's afraid of visiting Scotland because such easy access to all their whiskey might stop him from ever leaving. He's been acting since he was 8-years-old and doing voice overs professionally since he graduated from NYU Tisch. He's acted in hundreds of shorts/features/web shows/student projects and lent his voice to many how-to videos, audiobooks, commercials, documentaries, cartoons, and podcasts. He’s very glad to be joining the cast of Under Pressure as Scottish is undoubtedly his favorite accent. His website is



Played by: Greg Martin

Hamish Turin is a mid forties Vulcanologist and Tectonic Physicist who has never lived in one place longer than he's lived on the station, though he spent a fair amount of time in (and intends to retire to) Hawai'i. His family hails from Scotland, and he has one sister and a niece left living. Hamish has been in a relationship exactly one time before deciding that it just wasn't for him, but he's close to his remaining relations.

Episode 1: Two and a Half Leagues Under the Sea

First day aboard. Made nice with the captain and friends with the Marine Biologist. Might have problems with the Doctor. I’ve been thinking a lot about Verne. You should pull out your copy–I know you have one.
Love, J
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Episode 2: Allegory of the Deep

There was a birthday on the station! Still on the rocks with the doc. Can you teach me to bake?
Love, J
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Episode 3: Ghost in the Abyss

I don't think Nietzche was intending to be literal about the abyss looking back at us, but hey, what did he know. At least our resident biologist is happy.
Love, J
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Episode 4: Pavlov's Nematodes

Things are starting to get exciting, for varying definitions of excitement. Living down here...hasn't been what I expected and I didn't even know what I was expecting. Miss you.
Love, J
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Episode 5: Two Years Before the Hatch

Everything is totally fine down here. I am definitely getting used to life at the bottom of the sea. Completely unrelated: I filed a will before coming down here, right?
Love, J
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Episode 6: Canyon' Brawl

I can understand immaturity from the station's doctor, but to get it from the captain as well is a surprise. I've never empathized quite so much with a hockey puck before.
Love, J
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Episode 7: In the Dark of the Trench

Not currently dead, though that could be up in the air (as it were). If you receive this, then at least we got the internet reconnected!
Love, Jr
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Episode 8: The Beach House of Asterion

Things have been rough for everyone on the station lately, but a little more so for some. At least I was able to be there for someone when they needed me -- did my best impression of you.
Love, J Listen to "8: The Beach House of Asterion" on Spreaker.

Episode 9: The Old Man Under the Sea

[Sent: Sept 12, 2017]
About that offer to stay in your guest room...I have a different request instead. Think you could help me figure out a high-pressure recipe for honey apple cake?
Love, J
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Episode 10: The Crash that Ends the Night

[Warning: strong language]
Send chicken soup. SO MUCH CHICKEN SOUP.
Love, J
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